“At the point where no ones believe in you like google did.”



Minguk and Manse~ Awwwww~


Oooooooooooooo dying of the cuteness!!! Song Il-kook is so lucky day for having triplet, becuse those kids are so adorable and lovely. aaaaaaaaaaa~

Wuhuuuuuuuuuuuu, I’m turn 23 years old ( actually, last month), please give me standing applause!!!^~. Late gift birthday still kindly accepted, sent to my boading house heeeee :))

Thankyou for surprised, even tough it’s kinda like ehhmm (failed) surprised hahaha. Salahkan motor dan suara Riri yang membahana, terdengar sampai di dalam kamar kosan. Thanks for put a lot effort to bought a cakee and gift. Thanks <3

Don&#8217;t you feel disgusting with the comment that netizen write in broad massage? They are doing this out of fear rather than give simple rescpect for another religion. 
 Ps&#160;: Gag concert is popular comedy skit in korea, has been aired in KBS for an ages. The show is extremly populer in there, many popular comedian born from it&#8217;s show. But, sometimes they are going too far with joke, read article above.
Mr. Eka Kurniawan should be grateful to me. Why? Because I do promoting his book very well, Which I mean, I already got five people to read this book and the queue still lining up. Honestly, I was quite surprised when see their respone, they all said that this book is so good and different with other book. See, because of me you got new fans :))))) One thing is so important is, It pleasure to see people like book that I recomended to read for. So, guys, make sure to read Eka Kurniawan&#8217;s book, you will got another great experience. Crossfinger&#160;!!~
Have been always appreciated someone who just remember a little things word that split out from my mouth:)
Aigoooooooo~ I can&#8217;t take it the cuteness. What a cutie little pie ^^^^

Aigoooooooo~ I can’t take it the cuteness. What a cutie little pie ^^^^

Ketika uploader hanya mengupload di Vimeo. Dan ketika Vimeo diblokir. Pahit! Pak Tifatul Sembiring (namanya bener kan yaa?) Saya bukan mau nonton content porno, saya cuma pengin nonton variety show :(
Cetak ulang. Going to realese soon. Save money to buy this one :)))

Cetak ulang. Going to realese soon. Save money to buy this one :)))

Alumnus TK Pertiwi~